Hashmart Cloud Mining Contracts

Our company clients can buy special contracts in order to hire hash power for Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Hashmart provides two types of offers – 12-months and open-ended contracts. You can find out more about the cost of the contracts, their advantages and features by reading the text below.

Hashmart cloud mining costs

The price for each offer depends on the volume of hash power you want to hire. Future returns depend on the volume of hash power you pay for. It is recommended to have additional hashrate reserves to deal with large price fluctuations. Pay attention to this before taking your final decision. You can use our calculator to make any preliminary calculations. Hashmart offers reasonable prices starting from as low as ....

There are several payment methods available for buying Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. You can pay with BTC, bank card or wire transfer (payment will be done via Lathvian bank). By choosing the bank card method, you can pay with EUR or USD. Mining will start instantly once you have paid for your first contract.

Open-ended contract maintenance fee explained

This type of contract requires a special commission. It is taken at the exact moment when the mined cryptocurrency is transferred to the client’s account. The amount of this maintenance fee depends on the volume of hash power you hire. Why does Hasmart take such a commission? It includes electricity costs, hardware maintenance, software, staff costs, etc.

Which one to choose?

Before you start investing in a particular contract, you need to understand your goals and estimate your financial capabilities. If you plan to try the service and hire a small amount of hash power, you can start working with a 12-months contract.

By choosing this type of contract you will have lower contract costs as well as no maintenance fee. Once the contract expires, you can evaluate the results and decide whether it is interesting for you to buy mining contracts again. Remember that the demand and the price of a particular cryptocurrency may become higher in the future. If you hire low hashrate volumes, your results may be far from your expectations.

Those who have tried already and want to make long-term investments are welcomed to buy open-ended contracts.

You are not bound to one contract. You are welcome to buy more contracts, at any time.

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