Sell your hashing power

Hashing power is a spec of equipment by which it is possible to know the speed of performing mathematical operations. This indicator depends on the hardware parameters and is measured in H/s (hash per second). If you want to diversify your income, you can sell the hash rate and earn money on it. This approach avoids the risks associated with a sharp change in the exchange rate and an increase in the difficulty of mining digital coins. To start earning, you just need to apply for the Hashmart service and get a steady income.

Why do we buy a hash rate?

The Hashmart platform is a company that has its own data center and equipment that provides efficient cryptocurrency mining. Against this background, the question arises why such a platform needs additional hashing power.

There are several reasons why (for buyers):
  • 1
    Ensuring stable operation. Hashmart is a marketplace that unites mining participants, namely buyers and sellers of power. Service acts as an intermediary. It provides high-speed digital coin mining and safe operation.
  • 2
    Maintaining a high demand for services. Hashmart has its own hash rate, which is sold on the site. With increasing demand, there is a shortage of hashing power. The marketplace does not have time to serve all new buyers. Therefore, it attracts owners of high-performance equipment for cooperation.
  • 3
    Providing the best price. The purchase of a hash rate allows you to fill up the lack of hashing power and thereby reduce the cost of services. Each buyer receives competitive prices that allow them to become part of cloud mining.

It is worth noting the technical components of a hash rate purchase. Additional power increases the reliability of Hashmart and helps diversify existing resources. In the event of a partial loss of the hash rate, the service is operational without harming users. Attracting hashing power is a guarantee of the stability of Hashmart.

Another point is the increasing mining difficulty, in particular when mining Bitcoin. To maintain competitiveness, Hashmart buys equipment with higher power and attracts hash rate owners to cooperate. This approach allows the platform to remain one of the leaders in the field of cloud mining.

What are the benefits of selling hashing power?

The miner is a participant in the process that uses the hash rate of the equipment to create a block and receive rewards. With increasing difficulty, work efficiency decreases, which forces us to look for additional ways to earn money. One of the solutions is to sell the hash rate, ensuring diversification and reducing the risks of such activities.

There are several reasons why (for sellers):
  • 1
    Risk reduction. Cryptocurrency mining carries a danger associated with jumps in the exchange rate, mining difficulty, and other factors. When the value of digital money grows, the miner's profit rises. In the event of a rate drop, the participant loses money. Selling power allows you to offset costs.
  • 2
    Ease of earning. The availability of mining equipment does not guarantee high profits. Fluctuations in difficulty, changes in the exchange rate and other market factors can negatively affect the results of mining. When you are selling a hash rate, you can get a guaranteed income.
  • 3
    Guaranteed profitability. All risks are borne by the Hashmart service and capacity buyers who invest money in the project. Sellers do not risk and receive predicted income throughout the entire period of cooperation, regardless of the situation on the cryptocurrency market.

The seller’s income directly depends on the power provided to the Hashmart service. The higher the performance of the customer’s equipment, the greater the profit. Thus, cooperation with Hashmart provides a guaranteed income, the ability to get rid of market risks.

Start making money with Hashmart

If you have a powerful equipment and a desire to get a stable income, sell part or all of the hashing power to the Hashmart service. To do this, you just need to apply for the Hashmart service and fill out the form. Cooperation with Hashmart means an individual approach, taking into account the specs and powers of each customer’s equipment.

Platform representatives accept the application, check the power and add it to the database. The terms of cooperation are agreed at the next stage. In the future, the customer receives a stable profit.

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